The owner of Monitor Industriutveckling AB, Åke Persson, has decided to share the company’s future profit increase among the staff.


Monitor Industriutveckling AB has during its 30 years been a very successful company. Long-term planning, progressive product development, competitive prices and competent staff are and have always been significant for the company.
In order to further strengthen Monitor’s market-leading position on the Swedish market, a progressive and strategic decision has been made to distribute any profit increase among the staff.

The company has throughout the years made good profits using cost-effective work methods keeping the development, support, sales and education within Monitor. The company does not rely on retailers and any intermediary costs are thereby eliminated which is an explanation to the competitive pricing and maintained good profitability. We believe that the new “bonus system” will create positive effects in areas such as personnel, sales volume, research and development which will in turn benefit our customers.

Personnel Perspectives

The proposed profit increase sharing will, as we see it, provide great benefits for the Monitor staff as well as increase each employee’s motivation. It should also bring about an even lower employee turnover and further facilitate the recruiting of competent and educated staff.

Increased Sales Volume Generates Profit Increase

The expected profit increase will be based on a larger sales volume and not higher prices. For example we expect the international market to also affect the volume increase. Today MONITOR is translated into nine languages; English, Finnish, Chinese, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and German.

Research and Development

The company will maintain its focus on and even intensify its research and development work. It is important to stress the fact, that the profit shared among the staff in no way will interfere with the further program development.

Increased Security for Our Customers

Seen from a customer perspective, this change will bring positive effects at all levels when it comes to services, support, development, etc. and we believe that our existing and future customers will see this as a positive step in our constant strive to create an even better and more efficient product.

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