Now you can read about the most important new features and improvements in version 7.4 of the MONITOR ERP System.

Start Page with 6 Components

A new layout for the start page in MONITOR is now launched. Now you can show six components at the same time instead of four components as in the previous version. To manage the new layout you need a wider screen with better resolution than the lowest recommendation of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Common Reminder Window

We have improved the reminder function in MONITOR essentially in this version. For example, all reminders are now gathered in a single reminder window. Reminders regarding CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) are shown under a separate tab. Under this tab you can also see activity reminders for projects, nonconformities and parts. You will also find a tab containing activity reminders for EIM (Electronic Invoice Management) and a tab for purchase limits.

We have also added a new type of activity: Part activity, where you can enter different activities that should take place for different parts. This can be pricing, preparation of parts, etc. Naturally you can then get reminders to perform these different activities and there several ways to configure how a reminder should be presented to the user. You can for example receive the reminder in a “speech bubble”.

Location Register

Now you can create a register of location names in MONITOR. You register the location names in the new procedure called Generate Location Name. You can direct parts to specific location names by using conditions (location settings) that you register per part in the Update Part procedure.

In the Location Name List procedure you will see the location names you generated in Generate Location Name procedure. Here you can rename, block, and delete location names. You can add a comment to a location name and also choose that multiple parts should be linked to a location name. In this procedure you can also save existing locations as valid location names.

You can select if the system should warn or block transactions that result in transfer to stock to unsuitable locations. That is, locations with invalid names or locations that do not correspond to the terms configured for the part. This prevents parts from being registered to incorrect locations or to locations that do not exist.

The Stock location register is an alternative to the supplement called Stock Location System.

Font Style on Order Rows

Now you can select font style (bold, italic, underlined) for text rows on quotes, customer orders and invoices. This is shown during registration, delivery and on forms.

Total Price and Sub-Total for Customer Order

For quote, customer order and invoice there is now a new function to only show total price. By using the button Total price on the Rows tab, you can open a window and enter a total price. This price is then inserted as a new row and applies as total price for the rows above. It is possible to insert several such total rows on the same order and then it will not be a total price but a sub-total for the rows that are closest above the total row. The total price is then distributed on the incorporated part rows in proportion to the price on the part row. This is done by modification of the discount rate on these rows. The new prices will update the statistics. For rows that are total price calculated, the price each, discount rate and amount will not be included in forms.

OCR Number on Supplier Invoices

In the Accounts Payable you will now find better support for managing OCR number. If you have checked the setting OCR for the supplier, a valid OCR number must be entered as a reference for the payment in the Register Supplier Invoice procedure. The Supplier invoice number will then change name to OCR number. You configure the OCR setting for the supplier in the Update Supplier or Supplier List procedures, list type Settings.

Credit Invoice from Supplier

We have further developed the management of credit invoices in the Register Supplier Invoice procedure. You can refer to the debit invoice’s consecutive number, regardless of the invoice being fully or partially credited. The main news item applies to credit invoices that concern purchase of goods, that is, when the credit invoice concerns a debit invoice that is linked to a purchase order. When you register the credit invoice and enter a consecutive number for the debit invoice, the new tab called Crediting of order opens. Here you will see the contents (order rows) from the debit invoice and you can mark the order rows that you want to credit. When needed, an order row can also be partially credited. After you have approved this, a basis is created to link to the credit invoice. This is normally done in the Order link tab.

By using this function it will be clearer which debit and credit invoices that belong to a specific purchase order. It will also be of use to better manage purchase statistics of parts, costs in the Post-Calculation (subcontract invoice) and support for FIFO calculation when crediting material.

MONITOR Mobile for iPhone and iPad

MONITOR Mobile is now also available for iPhone and iPad with operating system iOS 5 or newer. Previously MONITOR Mobilehas only been available for mobile phones and tablet computers with operating system Android 2.2 or newer. A new feature that has been added is business intelligence which corresponds to the “start page” in MONITOR.