Time to change accounting year, schedules and to perform physical inventory! We have the documents that describe these events. They are found under Customer Web -> Support -> Year-end Procedures.

Direct links to the documents:

pdf_icon_32x32New Accounting Year/Calendar Year
pdf_icon_32x32Memorandum for Physical inventory

We are now releasing MONITOR version 7.5.4!

This version is the “Official release” of MONITOR 7.5. Official release is a new term as of this version and it means that both Swedish and foreign customers with standard MONITOR systems can update to the new version at the same time.

You can order an update to the latest version of MONITOR 7.5.x under Customer Web -> Support -> Updates -> Order updates, licenses, FTP account or MONITOR Update Account.

If use adaptations in your system and order an update, our Support Center will contact you to inform you when your adaptations will be ready for update to MONITOR version 7.5.

You can read the fix list to see what has been changed in this version. You will find the fix list under Customer Webb -> Support -> MONITOR Fix List. Here you will also find fix lists for previous versions.

Read more about the news in MONITOR version 7.5.