Here you can read about the most important new features and improvements in version 8.1 of MONITOR.

The official version will be released in November 2015.

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Report Measuring Data

For those of you who report measuring data we have developed new functionality in the reporting procedures in the Manufacturing module as well as in the Recording Terminal. When you report an operation where measuring points have been registered in the Preparation procedure, a reporting window is available used to enter measuring data on the operation row in the reporting procedures in MONITOR.

Pick Location per Work Center

If you use pick locations in the system you can, per work center, enter from which location the material shall be withdrawn. During all material withdrawals a check is made to see if the work center has an entered location. In that case, this location/locations shall be used for the withdrawal. This way you will get a better follow-up of stock balances.

Variable Receiving Inspection

Now it is possible to use a variable receiving inspection. Variable receiving inspection allows you to, for example, configure with which interval you want to perform receiving inspection and how many details that shall be inspected. This is determined per supplier or part.

Packing List

We have developed procedures used to create detailed packing lists with information about shipment number, container number, package size, package weight, statistical number and country of origin, etc. These packing lists can then be used during export and customs.

Agreement Management

Agreement Management has been added to the Sales and Purchase modules. This way you can register agreements electronically and search for agreements in the system. In these new procedures you register agreements that are not comprised by blanket orders, such as rental agreements and cleaning contracts.

Management Accounting

Now it is possible to register different variants of coding for nonconformities when coding the inventory log. It is also possible to enter intervals for other terms on a coding method.

New Languages

MONITOR is now also translated into Danish and Latvian.

We are now releasing MONITOR version 8.1.5!

You can read the fix list for 8.1.5 to see what has been changed in this version. You will find the fix list under Support -> MONITOR Fix List. Here you will also find fix lists for previous versions.

Here you can read about all major and minor news in MONITOR 8.1