Here you can read about the most important new features and improvements in version 9.0 of MONITOR.

The official version 9.0 is released in September 2017.

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New Database

Version 9.0 uses a new database manager called SQL Anywhere 17.

Valuate According to FIFO on M-parts and S-parts

Now it is possible to valuate according to FIFO (First In First Out) also on M-parts and S-parts. By using FIFO, the P-parts' price at arrival will follow throughout the entire flow from arrival to manufacturing (for M-parts and S-parts). When parts are manufactured, it is assumed incorporated parts are picked from stock according to FIFO. The manufactured parts' post-calculation will then be valuated according to FIFO price. That is, the price is based on the incorporated materials' actual costs (also called Final price) according to the order in which they were added to stock.

The Percentage-of-Completion Method on Projects

The percentage-of-completion method (PCM) on projects is now available in MONITOR. The percentage-of-completion method is one out of two alternatives used to handle work in progress during year-end closing. PCM means that income is registered as the services are being performed and the material is consumed. You perform accrual accounting for the income, and the costs are charged to expense at the time when the material is consumed. The accrual accounting for the income is based on the stage of completion, that is, the percentage portion of a task that is considered to be completed by the date of closing balance.


• You can now create new service tasks in MONITOR Mobile. One customer order will then be created per service task.
• From the Customer Order Info in MONITOR Mobile you can now go to the service task for more information and to report the service.
• You can now release service plan rows in MONITOR Mobile. An actual customer order will then be created including one or several service tasks.

Overlapping Blanket Orders

You can now have overlapping blanket orders, that is, several blanket orders with the same customer/supplier and part, within the same time interval.

Order Confirmation Subcontract in MONITOR-to-MONITOR

In cases where the subcontractor also uses MONITOR, it is now possible to send an order confirmation - subcontract attached as an XML file in an e-mail message. Then you can drag the XML file from the e-mail message and drop it in the Order Confirmation - Subcontract procedure or in the Procedure menu in order to register the order confirmation. This is a function in the MONITOR-to-MONITOR feature.

Undone Reportings in the Manufacturing Module

A new procedure called Undo Reporting has been added. This procedure is used to undo previously made reportings on a manufacturing order. When you undo a reporting, the reported material will be returned to stock and the remaining quantity on the manufacturing order will increase. The reported time on operations will be deducted from the operation. When tools are linked to an operation where the reporting has been undone, then the number of tool cycles reported for the operation will also be undone and the consumable tools will be returned to stock. If you have registered measurements on a reported operation and this operation is undone, the measurements can also be undone. In the Measuring Data List procedure you can filter out measuring data that has been undone. When you undo a reporting where the incorporated material has a batch number for the withdrawal, the batch number will be deleted from the register. If a rejection has been performed on the material or operation, the rejected quantity will decrease and the material will return to stock when the reporting is undone. Please note! If you report an operation with several linked materials, you cannot undo one material but the entire operation has to be undone. This procedure is developed in connection with FIFO. This way the FIFO value will be updated correctly when you undo a reporting. This means that the incorporated material can be returned to stock with the same price as it had when it was withdrawn from stock. Please note that you cannot undo reportings on manufacturing orders with status 6 or 9.

We are now releasing MONITOR version 9.0.7!

You can read the fix list for 9.0.7 to see what has been changed in this version. You will find the fix list under Support -> MONITOR Fix List. Here you will also find fix lists for previous versions.