Conditions for the support services

2 Support

This paragraph defines the support services included according to the Support and Update Agreement.

2.1 General
The support services are carried out at a distance. If a support case is not within what has been established in the support agreement, the customer will be offered a quote for the service in question, which also can be carried out at a distance, see the chapters 2.3 and 2.4.

  • The Monitor Support Center is available 06:00 – 17:00 daytime[1], weekdays[2] Monday to Friday

Please see Monitor’s website for the current opening hours, see chapter 5.

  • This is an example of a typical support case via telephone:

This is an example of a typical support case via telephone:

A shorter phone call that lasts for about 15 minutes. If the case tends to take longer and if it is not classified as a support service, the customer will be offered to purchase this service as extended support or training.

  • It is possible to remote control the customer’s computer in connection with a support case, if needed.
  • The customer must have installed the latest version sent from Monitor.
  • The person who contacts the Support Center must have the user permissions that are required in order to obtain help.


It is only possible for a user to obtain help with invoice payments if this is included in the user’s permissions.

  • The support case will be answered by Monitor within one working day.

2.2 The Extent of the Support Service

The purpose of Monitor’s support service is to answer user questions which are not described in the Help Function in MONITOR.

The following cases are classified as support:

  • To remedy problems in MONITOR’s standard and supplementary functions
  • To answer user questions
  • To adjust errors

If an error is found in the MONITOR software, this will be adjusted in future versions, if needed. The time of the adjustment is determined by the error’s seriousness and affect on the program functionality.

The following cases are not part of Monitor’s support and update agreement:

  • Adaptations are not included in the general support agreement, only an update agreement is created. This is normally drawn up separately per adaptation.

In cases where the customer has signed a support agreement especially dedicated to adaptations, then the extent of such support will be evident in that agreement.

  • Working methods
  • Training sessions
  • Services in connection with the update
  • Hardware and network errors
  • Internet connection errors
  • MONITOR installations that are made or have been made by uncertified collaborators
  • Monitor is not responsible for the customer database. If for example a power failure or hardware problem causes the software or database to disappear from the hard drive (or other storage media) or if the data is damaged, the customer is responsible for having recent and validated copies of the entire MONITOR system.

2.3 Extended Support/Training

Additional help and support regarding program adaptations are offered separately. This can take place both at a distance and at the customer.


  • Adaptations and working methods
  • Customized training sessions regarding _ MONITOR features
  • Scheduled courses are regularly held and are booked via Monitor’s website. You find them here.
  • Update and installation of new software versions

2.4 On Duty Support

On duty support can be booked in connection with the customer’s planned startup and maintenance activities. Staff from Monitor will then be on duty and will assist if problems occur. This is offered separately.

Examples of on duty activities:

  • Actual startup during evenings or weekends
  • Backup management
  • Server switch
  • Software updates to newer versions


[1] Daytime is according to Central European time (CET), considering daylight saving time.

[2] Except for Swedish holidays and the Friday that coincide with the Ascension Day.