Customized Training

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During a MONITOR installation project we provide training sessions regarding the different features in the system on location at our customers, before the startup of the actual MONITOR system with real data. These training sessions do not only consist of teaching future users how MONITOR works. It is just as important to create proper procedures, routines and applications of the system, according to the needs of each respective customer. It is very important that we work together to find the best way of using of the system.

Normally, these training sessions are complemented with follow-ups after the actual start-up. There are usually many issues to follow-up. There may be questions that the users have, tips and suggestions from our instructors that can help you to use the system more rationally etc. After having used the system for a while, users are usually ready to increase their knowledge of the system and learn new things. Shorter training sessions of this kind can in many cases best be performed using distance training.

During the different training sessions/courses that take place on site at the customer’s facilities, the personnel is usually divided into different groups. We review the different parts of the system with user groups that work within different departments. These groups are created based on the customer’s organization, and the module system in MONITOR. A normal training plan can contain:

Installation and Configuration

How to install and configure the system in the best possible way. The customer’s system administrator is given MONITOR System Administration training. Some areas that are covered are backups, managing databases, updates, performance factors etc.

Project Start

Monitor’s Project Manager will discuss which main and intermediate goals should be established. Which parts of the system should be used and a general idea of how they should be used. A Project plan and Training plan are created.

MONITOR Basic Training

All users need to have some basic knowledge of the system. Such training session should be performed prior to the individual training sessions on different system parts. The basic training is provided to small user groups, that in turn will train other in-house users, or the basic training session can be performed by one of Monitor’s instructors for all users. In the latter case, this often means that the same training session will be provided several times for different groups. After this training, we recommend you to practice using MONITOR before you continue on to training sessions on the respective modules.

Basic Data Training

Before you can carry out day-to-day procedures, such as order management, the system must contain basic data. Basic data consists of static records such as parts, customers and suppliers. Sometimes it may be best to start by defining what your basic data should look like. One reason why it is best to define this at the start, is that you might need to convert data from other systems. We will teach you how these registers are created and what they contain. When providing order flow training, you often learn how to update basic data. It could then be used as a supplement to the basic data training, or that your basic data training is included in the order flow training. Simpler types of basic data are updated during the training session, while larger registers are updated in individual practice sessions after the training.

Order Flow Training

We teach you how to use the order modules Manufacturing, Purchase, Sales and Inventory. The purpose is for users to become familiar with how the system manages orders, calculations, loading plans, requirements planning, follow-ups, statistics etc., and also create their own routines and applications of the system. The span of these training sessions is dependent on the customer’s organization. One good way of dividing training sessions is that we teach each respective order module to those users that will be working in them. The Inventory module in MONITOR, including Material Requirements Planning, should also be taught separately. We can provide special training for certain area managers, who in their turn will train the in-house users, or have all the affected users, participate in the training session.

Economics Training

The economy and accounting features are provided and taught according to what the customer and we determine to be the best and most convenient application. The economics features include the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Accounting. Managing ledgers is part of the order flow, but is usually dealt with in separate training sessions since they usually apply to other users and are taught by other MONITOR instructors. The basic data that affects the economics/financial features, such as coding, is included in the training session, and the customer’s basic data is updated at the same time. We also cover the day-to-day current accounting such as invoices, payments and vouchers.

Workshop Info Training

Workshop Info is a separate module in MONITOR used for time recording and Detail planning. This training session is divided into attendance managing and work reporting with priority planning. The attendance management training starts with configuring basic data such as schedules, calendars, employees etc. After that we will cover the day-to-day routines such as recording, absence management and adjustments. The work reporting and priority planning session is often performed in part together with other users than those who participate in the attendance management session. These are parts of the system that affect all employees. In order to train all users in how to perform reporting, it may be convenient to create shorter training sessions several times a day.

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