The Next Generation

Hörby Bruk celebrates its 100 year anniversary in 2020. They manufacture some of the most popular products in Sweden for manual material handling, such as wheelbarrows, trolleys, and trailers, and also play equipment for home use such as sandboxes and swing sets. The company has been using MONITOR since 2011. And by the end of 2019, it was time to upgrade to MONITOR G5. 

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How it's done

In this film you get to see the upgrade process at Hörby Bruk, from the Project start to Go-live. We also check in on them a month later to hear what they think about upgrading and how they feel about MONITOR G5.


Anders Jeppsson, Operational Manager

MONITOR G5 is a much more user-friendly system than its predecessor. Generally speaking, we have sped up all our work flows in the system.

Jeanette Nilsson, Logistics

I thought it would be much harder to upgrade, and to understand G5 with all the name changes, but it really wasn't. All the changes were really logical.

Carina Lonhage, Purchasing Manager

Nicer looking. The design makes it easier to use. It's more attractive and user-friendly.