We Are a Proud Partner of Sweden-Southeast Asia Business Summit 2018

This week we are a proud partner of Sweden-Southeast Asia Business Summit 2018 in Kuala Lumpur. SE Asia, and Malaysia in particular, are our fastest growing markets. Big thanks to Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy for a great event!

During the two day event, representatives from some of Sweden's most successful companies in Southeast Asia participated, such as ABB, SAAB, Ericson, Atlas Copco, Volvo Cars, Monitor, etc.

Monitor had the oppurtunity to speak about the vision to help small and medium sized companies to take the first step towards a digitalized production. In Southeast Asia, a lot of those companies still do a lot of their production planning manually. And at the rate of the current development, they are starting to realize they need to find new ways of work to stay competitive. In Southeast Asia, "Industry 4.0" is a real buzz word, and to take a first step in that direction you need an ERP system like Monitor.