On the web site, session cookies are used for functionality in Umbraco and phpBB3 and third party cookies from Google for visitor statistics in Google Analytics. Certain cookies are also used to remember settings that the visitor makes.

A session cookie is created when a visitor visits one of our web pages. It will then be temporarily stored in the visitor’s computer memory. The session cookie is deleted when the visitor closes the web browser. No personal information, such as e-mail address or name, will be saved about the visitor.

You can in your web browser make different types of settings affecting how and if different cookies should be allowed to be saved on your computer. Read the help text for your web browser for information about how to perform these settings. If you choose not to accept cookies at all, this might affect how the web site will function in your web browser.

Google has developed a plugin for the most common web browsers which makes it possible to keep Google Analytics from logging and saving information about the visitor of a web site. If you do not want to allow Google Analytics to save information regarding your visit on, you can download and install this plugin using the following link