We provide even more opportunities! The use of the standard ERP system MONITOR is an effective way of gaining control of your company, but sometimes you want and need that extra touch.

Monitor Adaptation can create unique solutions for you, solutions that take you all the way.

We make adaptations that solve most problems – everything from basic form adaptations to development of integration to fully automated production.

Common adaptations that we provide are:

  • C-modules - everything from basic to updatable reports. Examples of such are Post-calculation/employee, Post-Calculation Selection, Print label etc.

  • Form adaptations according to your preferences/requirements.

  • Conversions in connection with initial installation. We can also complement with additional information afterwards, perform mass updates, merge/split databases for several companies.

  • Special imports and special exports such as preparations from CAD systems, economic data to external systems or the governing group system.

  • Link to machines and equipment via external program and services. This enables manual and automatic reporting in MONITOR.

  • Web reporting - here we provide the opportunity to report purchase orders, customer orders and manufacturing orders via the Internet. This enables reporting directly from a PDA. Physical inventory, switching of locations and stock withdrawals can also be performed.

  • Database adaptations for saving customer specific information, etc.

  • Business Intelligence - display of current sales/production/delivery externally or internally.

Please consult us with your adaptation requests – here you have access to the collective competence of Monitor.

Click here for specification templates and instructions (login is required that is equal to the Customer Web).

Contact Information

Once you have compiled your request you send it via e-mail to our adaptation department.

E-mail: [email protected]

If you have received a case number from our support department regarding the requested functionality, please enter this number in the subject row of the e-mail. Enter it as “[Case 123456]“, where 123456 should be replaced by your case number.

You can also reach the adaptation department via the Monitor Support Center, +46 650 766 03.