MONITOR ERP system is the complete ERP system for manufacturing companies.
It consists of different modules that cover the activities occurring in manufacturing companies. MONITOR provides you with control of the entire business! MONITOR is available in several different languages (Swedish, English, German, Russian, Chinese, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Lithuanian) and is market adjusted for several of these markets to suit local requirements.

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Below is a short presentation of the
MONITOR ERP System modules.


Manufacturing Module

The Manufacturing module provides everything you need to plan, control and follow up on your production.

  • Preparations with BOM lists and operation lists
  • Pre-calculations and post-calculations
  • Manufacturing orders – register, print order documents, replan
  • See loading plans in lists and charts
  • Pick lists for picking of material
  • Operation reporting and material reporting
  • Manage subcontracts – orders, shipment, arrival reporting, planning


Purchase Module

The Purchase module supports the entire purchase process, from the sending of an inquiry to the accounts payable.

  • Supplier register with SRM functionality (Supplier Relationship Managment)
  • Inquiry – register, send, monitor
  • Purchase orders – register, send, confirm, monitor
  • Arrivals, print transport labels, receiving inspection
  • Register supplier invoices, link to purchase order
  • Accounts payable with functions for payment of supplier invoices, file transfer
  • Follow up using e.g. purchase statistics, supplier rating, order backlog


Sales Module

In the Sales module you find all functionality regarding customers and sales, from the quote to the accounts receivable.

  • Customer register with CRM functionality (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Quotes – register, send, monitor, convert into actual orders
  • Customer orders – register, check the delivery times, confirm, monitor
  • Delivery process with pick lists and transport management
  • Invoices to customer, pro forma, invoicing plans
  • Accounts receivable with functions for payments in, payment reminders, interest invoices etc.
  • Follow up using e.g. sales statistics, delivery reliability, order inflow, cash forecast


Inventory Module

The Inventory module contains functionality for stock control, material control and physical inventory.

  • Partregister – create parts and part lists
  • Requirements planning – material control via e.g. requirement calculation, netting run
  • Procedures for physical inventory of individual parts or large range of parts (also continuous inventory)
  • Stock location register with functions for stock location control
  • Inventory value list and WIP list
  • Product register, serial numbers, traceability of part
  • Quality – nonconformity management concerning customers, suppliers, and within the company


Workshop Info Module

The Workshop Info is the module closest to the shop floor. The hub of the Workshop Info is the recording terminal where employees record time both for att endance and work.

  • Employee register with settings for attendance and work
  • Detail planning with priority plans
  • Recording terminal where employees record attendance and work
  • Authorize and adjust records
  • Work schedules and calendars
  • Salary bases
  • Follow up on e.g. productivity, attendance and absence, indirect time


Accounting Module

The Accounting module manages the company's current accounting and follow-ups.

  • Chart of accounts with cost centers and cost units
  • Accrual accounting and automatic coding
  • Voucher registration, integration with accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • VAT reports
  • Report generator with standard reports for balance and income statement, ability to build customized reports
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Project accounting and integration with the other modules

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In addition to the modules mentioned above, the following modules are also a part of MONITOR:

Global Settings

This module is used to manage and maintain MONITOR.

Custom Reports *

This module is a supplement where you can create and save your customized reports and lists. Read more about Custom Reports under Supplements.

News in MONITOR 9.0
System recommendations

* Supplement