Are Your Customers or Suppliers Using MONITOR?


Business Communication at Its Best

MONITOR-to-MONITOR is a feature used to facilitate the communication between companies using MONITOR. When you for example send/receive an order or an order confirmation via e-mail in MONITOR, an XML file is attached that the receiver can use to perform the registration in his/her MONITOR system. You import the file by dragging it (using the cursor) directly from the e-mail message to MONITOR where you drop it.

The different communication events where you can use this feature are:
Event (customer) mail Event (supplier)
1. Send purchase order arrow-right 2. Register customer order
4. Register order confirmation of purchase order arrow-left 3. Send order confirmation
6. Register dispatch advice on purchase order arrow-left 5. Send dispatch advice
8. Register supplier invoice arrow-left 7. Send invoice
9. Send claim report arrow-right 10. Register customer nonconformity
11. Send delivery schedule arrow-right 12. Register sales forecast
You will also find functions used to maintain basic data by sending and receiving part info, prices, lead times, annual volumes and the supplier’s part number via e-mail. The difference is that a text file is attached to be used as help during import.

In the example below you can see how our customers benefit by using MONITOR in cases where several of their customers and suppliers also use MONITOR.

MONITOR-till-MONITOR flödesskiss mellan kunder och leverantörer

MONITOR also provide integration with several major suppliers, as you can see to the left