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We use session cookies at www.monitorerp.com. A session cookie is created when you visit the website. The session cookie is stored in a temporary memory and removed when your browser is closed. Session cookies do not save any personal data such as e-mail address and name.

We also use third-party cookies from Google and Hotjar, for visitor statistics. These are stored on your computer after you have left the website.

Third-party cookies make it possible to create more overall mapping of the user’s internet habits and are therefore more sensitive in relation to privacy. In most web browsers, you can choose whether or not to allow third-party and/or other cookies. For more information, please read the help section for your web browser.

Some cookies are also used to save settings that are configured by the visitor. When you visit www.monitorerp.com for the first time, we ask you to approve cookies on your computer. This setting is then saved by your web browser as a cookie. This remains on your computer after you have left our website so you do not have to answer the same question again the next time you visit us.

If you choose not to accept cookies at all, this may affect the functionality of the website in your web browser.

Google has developed a specific plugin for Google Analytics for your web browser. This makes it possible to influence how Analytics logs and saves information about visitors. If you do not want Google Analytics to be able to save information about your visit to www.monitorerp.com, you can download and install the plugin here: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en

You find detailed information about cookies here (Swedish Post and Telecom Authority): https://pts.se/sv/privat/internet/integritet/kakor-cookies/