Welcome to Monitor!

Working at Monitor ERP System AB is varied and interesting. Our company has been formed through care and consideration for each other and our customers. The challenges are many and pace of work is high, and every department plaays an important role in our company. We are all united by an important mission – to create conditions for our customers to become even more efficient and profitable.

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We are looking for new employees – are you one of them?

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We are always interested in learning more about people who have studied computer programming, especially in Microsoft .Net. We are also interested in those who have extensive experience of the MONITOR ERP system and may want to work as a consultant, or in our support center.

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Employee satisfaction is essential

“Monitor ERP System AB really stands out. Over many years, the company has clearly taken a strategic, long-term approach to ensuring all its employees are satisfied at work. With a high eNPS score of 55 [the benchmark is -2 on a scale from -100 to 100] it’s obvious Monitor takes a smart and structured approach to personnel issues,” comments Ida Frenning, Insight Consultant at Netigate.

Ida Frenning, Insight Consultant, Netigate.

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Monitor collaborates with Tjejer Kodar campaign

Monitor ERP System is starting up a partnership with Tjejer Kodar (Girls Code), an organization in Sweden that works to encourage more women to choose an education or career in system development. The common goal is to create a more gender-equal, inclusive industry.


"Monitor is constantly changing and welcomes new ideas. Sometimes we apply pair programming. This way we exchange experiences with each other. This work method leads to varying, challenging, and exiting work tasks."

Jonas Westman, Developer

"I really like the commitment and energy at this company. What I like most about Monitor is that we constantly strive to help our customers, and how we help each other to find the correct solutions."

Mia Eriksson, Support Technician

"It's very motivating to work with committed colleagues and a market leading product. There is a good team spirit within the company. Every day we help each other to develop."

Niklas Oldeén, Team Manager

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From Hudiksvall to Penang

In a Monitor career spanning 10 years, William Colling has done most things in the field of system development. He’s now looking forward to fresh challenges at Monitor’s subsidiary in South-East Asia.

“I mentioned I was interested in working abroad when I had my first job interview. If you’re clear about what you want, things normally work out at Monitor.”


Welcome to Hudiksvall!

Hudiksvall is located off the north-east coast of Sweden – 300 kilometres north of Stockholm. Arlanda Airport is only two hours away by train.

Do you prefer to go to work by car or by train? Maybe you like walking to work? Our head office is situated in the center of Hudiksvall, very close to both the train and bus station. There are excellent connections for commuting by public transport. The train passes through the town, and many of our employees commute from nearby cities like Sundsvall, Söderhamn, Gävle, and Stockholm.

Enjoy a run in the forest? Like to take a walk? Or go cycling? In Hudiksvall you'll find trails for running, cycling, and skiing right around the corner. 

Hudiksvall is a pleasant town located close to the coast, with a beautiful archipelago. Here you can find amazing natural landscape, lots of social activities, and a wealth of leisure activities for both children and adults. 

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A new office in the town centre

In 2018, we moved to new premises in the center of Hudiksvall. Our newly built offices are spacious, light, and airy. There are also lots of opportunities to have fun and relax during coffee and lunch breaks, such as video games, table tennis, and a pool table. And for a very reasonable price you can eat from the lunch buffet in our own staff canteen.

We also have a fully equipped gym where you can attend workouts with professional trainers several days a week.

Welcome to Monitor!


Personal development

We provide the platform you need to reach your full potential. Your progression here is in your own hands. You'll have a personal development discussion once a year with your immediate manager, where you'll together set targets - and then review them. Without the personal development of our employees’, we wouldn't be able to improve our business like we do today.


We care greatly about the physical and psycho-social working environment. As far as possible, Monitor pays registration fees on behalf of employees who wish to participate in activities relating to physical exercise. The company also supports activities which promote team spirit. Our employees are offered a medical examination every two years. Monitor is a sober and drug-free workplace.

Profit sharing system

Our employees are included in a profit sharing system. The purpose is to encourage great commitment, excellent performance, and service which contributes to the success of the company and employee alike.

The Monitor spirit

The Monitor Spirit means that everyone works towards the same goal. Our guiding philosophy is "Long-term – Down-to-earth – Committed”. We strive for constant improvement. Our customers are our employers. We aim to do the right thing at the right time, and create a working climate in which we enjoy each other's company, and there is open and direct communication. We appreciate good working performance from our employees and high attendance at work.

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Available Positions

Do you want to work for Monitor? Ever since the company started we have rapidly expanded. We need to employ more staff in order to be able to continue this expansion. Our available positions can be found below. To apply, please see the contact information under each position.

For speculative job applications, please use the form at the top of this page.