We have an integration used for electronic notifications and sending of shipping documents via Unifaun Online, Pacsoft Online (PostNord), Memnon Apport, Web-TA (Schenker), PartLink Online (DSV), Apport, Fradok (DHL), and FedEx.


This integration is available for factoring export of invoices and customer data to banks and factoring companies. The following banks/factoring companies are supported for invoice export: Swedbank, SEB Finans, Handelsbanken Finans, Nordea Finans, Danske Bank, Intrum Justitia, Faktab Finans, and PayEx. The following banks/factoring companies are supported for customer data export: Swedbank and PayEx.


MONITOR has an integration with Creditsafe, whereby customer information is loaded automatically from the provider. The service requests information about customers who are registered in MONITOR. You can choose how often this should be carried out. Customer selections can then be made by using customer groups and/or country. When the information is received from Creditsafe it is updated directly in MONITOR.

Export of salary basis

Export of salary basis can export schedules as well as attendance and absence recording items to different export files intended for the following payroll programs: Kontek, Agda, Hogia Lön, Hogia Lön Plus, SoftOneLön, Visma 600, Carat, HR+, Personec, and Huldt & Lillevik.

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High Bay Storage Integration

This integration creates a link between Monitor ERP and a high bay storage facility. The high bay storage integration recognizes when stock transactions are to be carried out for stored parts. An order file is then sent to the high bay storage facility's control system, and the user receives a complete job that only simply needs to be started, instead of having to manually enter each part that should be picked. If the high bay storage facility's control system supports stock count, this data will be imported and the stock count will also take place in Monitor.

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iConnect is an integration between CAD systems and Monitor ERP. This is developed by Cadcraft together with Monitor. iConnect, enables you to transfer part data from construction to Monitor ERP. The purpose of iConnect is to facilitate the input of parts and structures in Monitor ERP. Using iConnect means less manual processing of data between programs, giving the user more time for other tasks. iConnect also shortens the lead time from order to production.

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Integrations to Monitor ERP


Nesting Software Integration

Nesting Software Integration automates the reporting of manufacturing orders with information from your machines directly into Monitor. It ensures the use of material is optimized and minimizes material waste. 

There are also existing international integrations to Plant Manager (Bystronic). Integrations with other nesting systems will soon be available.

Monitor oversees sales and support for this integration. Contact Monitor for more information. 

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]


Infobric Workorder

Market: Europe

Required technology: API from Monitor

Responsible for service? Is installation work included in what you deliver to the customer? Infobric Workorder system – which is fully integrated with Monitor – streamlines and helps you keep better track of your service and installation work. Cut administration and focus more on your area of expertise – service and installation.

Find out more at: https://www.monitorerp.com/sv/digital-servicehantering-och-installation/

Infobric Workorder oversees sales and support for this integration. Contact Infobric Workorder for more information.

Sales: complete form

Support: [email protected] or +46(0)40-66 33 100

Website https://www.infobricworkorder.se

Vertical storage lifts


Market: Global

Kardex provides automated storage solutions and material handling systems for optimized stock management, where every inch of the storeroom is used as effectively as possible. Kardex creates the conditions for a dynamic storage and retrieval system which boosts productivity and efficiency in your warehouse.

Find out more about Kardex at: https://www.kardex.com/en/



Market: Global

Weland Solutions manufactures vertical storage lift systems that operate in real time, integrated with the Monitor ERP system. The vertical storage lifts are adapted to different physical environments and fulfill key functions in various forms of stock-keeping, like distribution/picking stock, finished stock, stock after the process, consumable materials, component storage, etc.

Find out more about Weland at: https://www.weland.com/en/



Market: Global

Constructor provides advanced and innovative storage and warehouse solutions. Constructor helps customers throughout the process from planning to installation, as well as service and support. Constructor’s vertical storage lift systems can be easily integrated with the Monitor ERP system.

Find out more about Constuctor at: https://www.constructor.se/

Monitor oversees sales and support for this integration. Contact Monitor for more information. 

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]



Market: The Nordics

Required technology: API from Monitor. 

Cadcraft – We digitize for a sustainable future

We customize digital solutions for companies operating in the construction and manufacturing industries. These solutions provide long-term sustainability both financially and environmentally.

With around 50 employees and over 35 years’ experience in the industry as an Autodesk Gold Partner, we streamline operations by developing solutions based on BIM, CAD, PDM and PLM.

Cadcraft oversees sales and support for this integration. Contact Cadcraft for more information. 

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected] or +46 (0)33-205090

Website: https://www.cadcraft.com/en/manufacturing-industry/system-integration/system-integration-with-monitor-erp/



Required technology: API from Monitor. 

Market: Global

Visual product configuration online with automatic CAD export. The DynaMaker cloud solution allows you to extend product configuration in Monitor G5 to your website or customer portal.

Sales teams, resellers and end customers can visually build and customize the products they want. This information is updated directly in Monitor, and a quote is created automatically when the configuration is submitted.

With CAD export automatically built into the configuration, customers don’t have to wait for the quote before their sales teams and design engineers can submit drawings or other technical materials. This is created directly in the tool.

DynaMaker oversees sales and support for this integration. Contact DynaMaker for more information. 

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]

Website: https://dynamaker.com/



Market: Sweden

Kontek provides smart technology for salary management as well as fully web-based solutions for payroll administration, whatever industry you work in. As a Kontek customer you can choose the service that best meets your needs, from a cloud agreement where you handle payroll administration yourself to a complete outsourcing solution for the full salary process.

Find out more about Kontek at: https://kontek.se/en


Market: Sweden

Visma Lön provides a payroll program which meets the basic needs of small businesses with up to three employees, with automatic payroll administration and smart options that simplify payroll runs. For small businesses with up to 20 employees.

Find out more at: https://vismaspcs.se/produkter/loneprogram/lon



Market: Sweden, Norway, Global

Hogia helps companies that want to focus on their core business rather than complicated, time-consuming administration. Hogia provides everything from accounting software for small businesses to comprehensive, industry-specific IT solutions for public transport, hauliers, accountancy firms and retail chains.

Find out more at: https://www.hogia.se/


Huldt & Lillevik (Visma.net Payroll)

Market: Norway

Visma.net Payroll is a web-based system. The system automates manual tasks, saving time for employees, managers and administrative staff. 

Find out more at: https://www.visma.no/lonn/huldt-og-lillevik-lonn/



Market: Denmark

Provides payroll systems for companies of all sizes. Bluegarden offers a payroll system which suits small businesses with just a few employees to Denmark’s largest private companies and public institutions, including Danske Bank.

Find out more at: https://www.bluegarden.dk/



Market: Poland

Comarch Optima provides IT solutions for your HR and payroll needs. Comarch allows companies to gain an overview of their employees, create structures which streamline HR management and calculate salaries by taking absence, working hours, bonuses and commission into account. With Comarch Optima you can import and export printouts with up-to-date HR data and information on new laws.

Find out more at: https://www.comarch.com/

Monitor oversees sales and support for this integration. Contact Monitor for more information. 

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]



Market: The Nordics

LogTrade manages your shipments and provides several methods that can be used before, during, and after delivery. This API documentation is intended for developers looking to integrate LogTrade functionality into their applications. It describes each method and object in detail and helps you to understand transport terminology and basic logistics management.

Find out more at: https://logtrade.se/en/


Market: The Nordics

Unifaun’s delivery cloud connects transport buyers, carriers, suppliers of third- and fourth-party logistics services and partners with their respective markets.

Find out more at: https://www.unifaun.com/sv/partners/integrationer/


Monitor oversees sales and support for this integration. Contact Monitor for more information. 

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]



Market: Sweden

PipeChain TCS provides collaborative tools where the system helps you improve the process between customers and suppliers, enabling collaboration throughout the supply chain. The supply chain productivity is measured automatically, and as both customers and suppliers can see the same key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s easy to discuss improvements and follow up the results of changes. By providing an overview of the supply chain, the PipeChain system can raise the alarm when there is a risk of delivery problems.

Technology: Files

Find out more at: https://www.pipechain.com/


Market: Sweden

Viaduct provides self-developed tools and processes that allow customers to achieve optimal results when implementing and using electronic communication.

Technology: Files

Find out more at: https://www.viaduct.se/en


Market: Sweden

Tyringe provides system solutions which create integration and precision, so your company can transfer information to other systems in a simple way, both internally and externally. Tyringe connects common and less common ERP systems from a variety of different industries, enabling different systems to communicate with each other via their integrations.

Technology: Files

To find out more, visit: https://tyringe.com/en/about-tyringe/


Monitor oversees sales and support for this integration. Contact Monitor for more information. 

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]



Market: Sweden

Tibnor supplies steel, metals and production services to industries in the Nordics and Baltics. It provides a wide range of products and specialized production services in combination with expertise within logistics, robust distribution networks and modern customer service solutions. 

Technology: XML

Find out more at: https://www.tibnor.se/en/


BE Group

Market: Sweden

BE Group is a trading and service company offering a broad range of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. BE offers inventory sales, production service and direct deliveries to customers based on their specific needs for steel and metal products. Its customers operate mainly in the manufacturing and construction industries in Sweden, Finland and the Baltics.

Technology: XML

To find out more, visit: https://www.begroup.com/



Market: Sweden

Ahlsell gives professional users access to a wide range of products and related services within water and sewage, heat and sanitation, ventilation, insulation, electricity, cooling, construction, property, industry, tools and machinery, supplies and personal protective equipment. Ahlsell operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, and Russia.

Technology: XML

Find out more at: https://www.ahlsell.se/om-ahlsell/


Monitor oversees sales and support for this integration. Contact Monitor for more information. 

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]

Tooling inventory management

Enables communication between tooling management and ERP functionality

Required technology: API from Monitor. 

Market: The Nordics, the UK and Ireland, Germany, Brazil, India and China.

CRIBWISE is digital tool inventory management software built on the latest technology. Part of Sandvik Group, it helps businesses to take control of their cutting tool inventory and related processes within the manufacturing sector.

CRIBWISE is part of the tooling business area of the Sandvik Group, a high-tech global engineering group. Sandvik brings together more than 150 years’ manufacturing expertise with the latest developments in digital technologies.

Its software solutions cover the full manufacturing workflow, including design and planning, preparation, machining, verification, and evaluation.

CRIBWISE is responsible for sales and support for this integration. Contact CRIBWISE for more information. 

Sales: https://cribwise.com/contact-us/

Support: https://cribwise.com/help-center/

Website: https://cribwise.com/integrations/

KPI Software


Market : Global

Required technology: API from Monitor

Work smarter and have better overview of what’s happening in your factory. Amberklips is near realtime KPI insight software for manufacturing companies. We take data from your ERP software and present it in nice readable way to your employees and decision makers. The integration between Amberklips and Monitor ERP is ready to use, just plug and play.

Contact Sales: [email protected] +3725185558

Contact Support: [email protected] +3725185558

Website: https://amberklips.com/