Services – Training, Integration, and Adaptation

We provide a wealth of opportunities. Using our standard system, MONITOR, enables you to gain control of your company in an efficient way. However, sometimes you may need something extra.

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Training and Implementation

Our consultants possess extensive knowledge and vast experience in implementing ERP systems.

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Our consultants are responsible for implementing MONITOR as well as training for all users. All our consultants have both broad and detailed knowledge about MONITOR, and are accustomed to managing projects. They also have extensive knowledge and experience of MONITOR implementations. Our consultants focus fully on your goals. All consultants consistently apply the same approach when implementing MONITOR, however, the time required may vary depending on the size of your company.

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Monitor Academy

With our e-learning platform, Monitor Academy, you get access to a lot of instructive courses for MONITOR G5.

Our experts share their in-depth knowledge in a constantly expanding set of videos.

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Sometimes different integrations are necessary between MONITOR and other systems. Here are some examples.

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High Bay Storage Integration

This integration creates a link between MONITOR and a high bay storage facility. The high bay storage integration recognizes when stock transactions are to be carried out for stored parts. An order file is then sent to the high bay storage facility's control system, and the user receives a complete job that only simply needs to be started, instead of having to manually enter each part that should be picked. If the high bay storage facility's control system supports stock count, this data will be imported and the stock count will also take place in MONITOR.

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Our Adaptation team can create unique solutions for you; solutions that will ensure you can achieve your goals. Some of our most common adaptations are shown below.


Customized reports

Involves everything from plain to updatable reports.

Document Adjustments

Document adjustments can be made according to your needs.


This is carried out in connection with the installation. We can also add further information afterwards, perform mass updates, and merge/divide databases into several companies.

Special Import/Export

This can for example be BOM and routings from CAD systems, financial data to external systems or the governing group system.

Database adaptations

Here you can save customer-specific information, etc.

Web reporting

By using this adaptation you can report purchase orders, customer orders, and manufacturing orders via the internet directly on your PC. You can also perform stock counts, switching of locations, and stock withdrawals.

Link to machines

It is possible to establish links to machines in order to obtain the information you need in MONITOR.

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