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Right now, many are calling us with date-related issues. These errors are caused by the transition to winter time and not loss of data.

To fix this error temporarily you can extend your search interval to include more days. If you suspect that your case applies to what we just described, please email your report to [email protected] We apologize for the problems that have arisen and we are working diligently to fix this error as soon as possible.




What help can I get from Monitor Support?

Before you start using MONITOR, one of our consultants will visit you to go through the system. The consultant will also help you to use MONITOR in the best possible way, according to your line of business. When the program is up and running, our support technicians offer you first class support. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you with your issues. We want you to feel confident using our ERP system for many years to come.

Here you can read our support agreement.

Who works at the Support Center?

MONITOR has two support centers. Our head office is located in Hudiksvall, Sweden, and is home to over 50 Support Technicians who provide support to MONITOR customers worldwide. The second support center is in Penang, Malaysia and has around 10 Support Technicians supporting customers in the Asia region. Our two support centers work closely together to ensure the best possible support services for MONITOR users. The Asia Support Team are proficient in English, Malay, and Chinese, and are able to provide professional support to regional customers within Asia Pacific.

The staff who work here have vast experience in the manufacturing industry, finance, and logistics. This means we can offer you the best possible support. Many of our support agents are former customers, who had been using MONITOR for several years before starting to work here. This means we have a vast knowledge of different industries as well as the system itself.

Our Support Center is divided into three departments, which are responsible for different areas.

  • Team Manufacturing and Logistics can help you with questions regarding manufacturing, stock, purchase, and sales.
  • Team Finance can help you with questions regarding finance and accounting.
  • Tech Support can help you with all technical questions.

We look forward to answering your questions and helping you with your issues. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

How and when can I contact the Support Center?

Our expert support technicians deliver first class support. You are welcome to contact us Monday to Friday* from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (MYT)


Useful tips:

Please remember that you can find the answers to most questions in the help function within MONITOR.

  • When calling us, please have your company ID to hand. This will simplify registration considerably.
  • Specify the procedure in question. The more information and details you provide, the quicker we will be able to help you.
  • When sending emails, please attach screenshots related to your issue.
  • If you have several separate questions, please send them one by one.

* Please note that the Asia support center is closed on the following Public Holidays (see list below), however, our Swedish support center has English-speaking Support Technicians that can assist you on most of these days. Bear in mind that this center may have a different time zone, which may affect the opening hours.

Public holiday calendar 2022     



New Year

03 Jan (Mon)



Chinese New Year




Chinese New Year




Labour Day

04 May (Wed)



Hari Raya Aidilfitri




Hari Raya Aidilfitri




Agong’s Birthday




Hari Raya Haji

11 Jul (Mon)



National Day




Malaysia Day









26 Dec (Mon)


How long is the processing time?

You should receive immediate phone support during our office hours, and we will reply to your email within one working day.

The Monitor Support Team will assign a Case Number, estimated resolution time and the support agent info relating to your case inquiry.

Can I schedule an appointment with one of your service technicians?

Whether you are newly employed or have been using MONITOR for some time, personal distance training is a good way of learning more about the functions of the system. You are very welcome to book one hour or more of customized training with one of our support technicians. We will then guide you in how to use the system in the best possible way based on your situation and business. Before the training session takes place, you can note down any issues that you want to learn more about, and we will go over them together.

Book here.

What computer and network equipment is required to run MONITOR?

Computer performance develops faster than performance requirements increase in MONITOR. The specification of computer equipment entered below is a recommendation based on the prerequisites and experiences we have as of autumn 2017, and remains in place until otherwise stated.

The demands on hardware are determined by the number of users in MONITOR as well as the size of the database. Small installations can be installed on a Small Business Server or other existing server as long as the available resources are sufficient regarding main memory and hard drive space. For large installations, we recommend that the MONITOR database server is installed in a separate Windows server. This can either be a physical or virtual server. The MONITOR database server must be adapted as a traditional SQL server. This requires a substantial amount of main memory, fast redundant drives, and a fast CPU.

Please consult with your IT supplier/installer and our technical support team before purchasing your equipment.

For detailed system recommendations regarding MONITOR ERP system, please click here

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Newsletter and Changes

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Training Sessions


Simplify your work by learning more about the available functions in MONITOR.

Our consultants help you to use MONITOR in the best possible way and guide you in how to improve your processes. Our support technicians perform training sessions and help you with general questions about MONITOR.






Company-based courses

Our consultants can run courses on site at your company, and help you to use MONITOR in the best possible way. The training session is based on your needs.

Distance courses

A short training session via remote desktop in which our consultants or support technicians deliver courses when it best suits your company. The training session is based on your needs.

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Monitor Academy

With our e-learning platform, Monitor Academy, you get access to a lot of instructive courses for MONITOR G5.

Our experts share their in-depth knowledge in a constantly expanding set of videos.

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Personal Support

Our support technicians are ready to answer your questions by phone or email.

The Support Center is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (MYT).

Phone number when calling from different countries:

Sweden: +46 650 766 03
Malaysia: +60 4 3717 813  
China: +86 400 611 5016 

Send email to:
[email protected]