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Catharina Wiklund

Peter Hermansson: We really enjoy answering your questions and helping you with your problems.

Welcome to Monitor Support!

Let me tell you about what the personnel here at the Monitor Support Center can offer our customers.

There are more than 60 support technicians working at our head office in Hudiksvall. Since Monitor is expanding and has customers in many parts of the world, we also have around 10 people working with customer support in our office in Penang, Malaysia. This way we can offer better service to our customers in Asia.

We have varied backgrounds and experiences. Some of us came to work here straight out of school, while others have many years of experience in different businesses within the manufacturing industry, production planning, logistics, technology, and finance. We come from different countries and cultures, and we meet a lot of people every day. We are proud to be a multilingual team and we offer support in Swedish, English, Finnish, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Malay, Mandarin, and Chinese.

We really enjoy answering your questions and helping you with your problems! We offer first line, second line, and third line support for MONITOR. This makes it possible for us to provide advanced support to our customers. Most of us work at the head office in Hudiksvall, in close cooperation with our Development department. One of our strengths is that practically every employee at Monitor work with customer support to some extent. Every day some of our developers and product owners are working with customer cases at our Support Center.
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Welcome! / Peter Hermansson, Support Manager

Our Teams

Monitor Support Center consists of three teams which are responsible for different areas: